Ether Tree: the world's first carbon negative NFT collection

What is ether tree?


It's trees. On ethereum.





OK, not just that. It's the world's first carbon negative NFT collection. Just 100 trees, each an NFT on ethereum.



How is it carbon negative?


100% of all proceeds, including royalties, are used on accredited, certified carbon off-set schemes. This means that every time an ether tree is traded more carbon is offset than is used for that transaction on the blockchain. Ether trees eat carbon just like real ones.



So how does the team make money?


I don't. The funds for the contract deployment and initial mint, together with the carbon credits to off-set deployment and mint, are my donation to the cause. Similarly my time spent on the project is 100% donated.



How do we check up on you?


Please view the carbon scorecard page to see how the project is doing in terms of off-setting carbon. I will post all carbon off-set certificates on the certificates page. All proceeds go to ethertrees.eth before being used to purchase carbon off-sets. Check out the NFT contract, and the distribution contract, The Forest.



Seriously, you make nothing at all?


Not a single wei, and I give my time for free.



Why distribution in The Forest rather than mint?


I believe ether tree may be the most lightweight NFT contract ever made. It doesn't even take a storage slot for a token counter, as every token was minted on deploy. By separating out the random distribution of tokens (through The Forest) and the NFT contract, we greatly reduced the on-chain memory bloat of the NFT contract. The NFT contract lives forever, the complicated logic for distribution can be safely discarded once all tokens are distributed, or maybe even reused for another token distribution. See this article by Vitalik ( which discusses selfdestruct and "partial statelessness". I think the chain should be able to 'forget' complex distro logic that is no longer used, rather than have NFT contracts carry that bytecode forward in the chain until the heat death of the universe... 


You can see brief instructions on how to claim a tree from The Forest in this post on my blog. Want more info on Ether Tree? Checkout the category listing.



Yawn... are you done? Why should I buy an ether tree?


If the above appeals to you, you can claim a fresh one in The Forest or buy a pre-loved one on OpenSea. These are the only reasons you might want to buy an ether tree. Above all else DO NOT BUY ETHER TREE EXPECTING ANYTHING MORE. This project is to off-set carbon and show that NFTs and crypto in general can be carbon negative, and to try out some cool solidity widgets I've thought of. Nothing more. There is no roadmap. 



So this is an environment / climate change thing?


No soap box here, just showing the possibilities. 



How do I know what token I will get?


You don't! If you claim a tree you get a randomly assigned token using IceRing on chain pRNG.



I want them all!!


One each, don't be greedy.



Who are you?


Hello, I'm omnus.